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Date : 26 May 2017, Friday Venue : Imperial Balllroom @ One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Miss Chinese World (MCW) 2017 Grand Final was held at One World Hotel successfully. mcw-GF-2   Congratulation to :
  1. Yin Zhuo Qun (Shanghai) – Miss Chinese World 2017 (Winner)
  2. Chang Yu Chin (Taipei) – Miss Chinese World 2017 (1st Runner Up)
  3. Dai Tian (Qingdao) – Miss Chinese World 2017 (2nd Runner Up)
Above are the top 3 main titles.  Beside the top 3 main titles, there also have 13 additional subsidiary titles, each adopted by the Pageant sponsors. They are: results-ListMiss GMCI Body Beautiful – won by Lim Nai Sim (Phnom Penh) Miss Dews Healthy Skin – won by Lee Hui Qian (Kuala Lumpur) Miss Friendship – won by Wang Ruo Han (Qinhuangdao) Miss Gintell Wellness – won by Yin Zhuo Qun (Shanghai) Miss Hai-O Vitality – won by Zhang Nan (Hangzhou) Miss Crowning Glory – won by Xu Ting Ting (Guangzhou) Miss Oriental – won by Chong Jia Ying (Perak) Miss Glamour – won by Wang Ruo Han (Qinhuangdao) Miss Beautiful Leg – won by Gao Yue (Shuozhou) Miss Eastern Beauty – won by Jiang Zuo Jun (Harbin) Miss Congeniality – won by Yin Zhuo Qun (Shanghai) Best in National Costume – won by Fransiska Indrayani (Subaraya) Best in Talent – won by Wang Zhen (Taiyuan)