About Us

MISS CHINESE WORLD – “The Beauty of Heart, The World of Wisdom” was founded by Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi from Malaysia and is organized with the aim of gathering young Chinese Beauties from around the globe in the celebration and remembrance of Chinese culture, values and traditions. It is also a platform to promote peace, goodwill and friendship among the participants.

世界华人美后大赛(MISS CHINESE WORLD)是由国际选美界知名人士马来西亚丹斯里拿督黄罕荣先生所创立,目的是集合来自世界各国的年轻东方女性,共同担负传承优良中华文化与传统价值观的重责大任。同时,它也为世界个国的参赛者提供了一个推广和平,亲善以及友谊的平台。

Miss Chinese World brings together Chinese beauties from the world’s multinational representing the cities from their countries. With the theme “The Beauty of Hearts, The World of Wisdom” the delegates carries their dreams and distribute youthful vitality.


Miss Chinese World is a platform for special significance lies in the promotion of Chinese culture, traditional culture and folk customs, and promote international culture exchanges and friendship and to know more of the roots, its cultures and traditions that may date back to thousands years.





How it started?

mcw-homepicThe Miss Chinese World Pageant was started in 2005, with 32 delegates representing their cities and provinces from 13 countries. Miss Sunisa Pasuk from Bangkok, Thailand had won the 1st coveted Title of Miss Chinese World 2005 International. The 1st Runner Up was Miss Li Yen Chin from Taichung, Taiwan, while Miss Chen Shuai of Hangzhou China was 2nd Runner Up.


The Miss Chinese World 2011 Final with 36 delegates where Xu Wen Xi of Jinan, China, was crowned Miss Chinese World 2011 with Jessica Yeung Wai Ping of Vancouver, Canada, the 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up went to Li Zhu Jun of Perth, Australia.